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S.E. Hardy


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Here's the situation:

I'm sick, ergo not doing any of the Thanksgiving stuff, and want nothing more than to veg on the couch and watch movies. So I would love recommendations for movies I could rent that are good and that I haven't seen... though come to think of it, I don't know how you would know whether or not I've seen them... hmmm....

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Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.


George Clooney directed it.


It's about Chuck Barris, host/inventor of the Gong Show and his secret life as a CIA agent.


You'll love it.


Also, get Rules of Attraction. The darkest/funniest/best movie about college you'll ever see.

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Ooooh... a Tarkovsky mention - good going HoboFactory.


Here's a few:

The Celebration - made in Denmark as part of the Dogma 95 "movement"

Ran - Kurosawa (just came out on DVD from Criterion, so I have to mention it ;))

Stalker - here's my Tarkovsky recommendation


Anyway, I'm probably too late, but oh well!

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We didn't watch it, I guess we just discussed it. It wasn't given very much attention at all because I can't even remember in what context it was brought up, but it was nonetheless. For some reason I felt a sense of pride when you said I had a good film teacher, like it was some great accomplishment on my part. I'm going to hell, like Satan.

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It's definitely a difficult film, and you probably have to be the right person to be able to sit through it, however... it's one of those films that can change your life.


Did you watch Ran? The Celebration is the only film I did watch in film school (though, I would have watched Ran there had I taken the right class).

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