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Abortion: What Do You Think?

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remember that time Chretien strangled that guy?

i miss having prime ministers that would kick your ass.

bahahaha yes good god that was some funny shit, honestly who's leader strangles randoms? funny stuff. And i bet george does shake hands like a sissy, i remember being taught really young to shake hands "like a man" and i know this is really sterotypical but subconsciously i dont really respect others who dont give me a firm handshake. Its just weird to shake hands with somebody whose got a limp hand, it freaks me out and i know it probably shouldnt but w/e.

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ah props eh? Im not really down with the props it doesn't seem personal. Lauren, does you dad not have a hand to shake with? because if he doesn't then clearly thats understandable. If he's left handed he can still shake with his left hand, but thats kinda sketchy for some i think. As long as its not limp, we're great.

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