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NF Achievments post

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click on the blue box under your avatar and you can see the "different titles/when do you reach them".

If you would like to make your own titles you can go to the nf store and buy the ability to do so (personalize title).

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Well, my title just changed... it's now "K-I-C-K-A-S-S" and, I just got another littlt pip (star trek word for them I guess) also, in a few more posts, I am the tenth biggest geek here because I'm the tenth highest poster. Ah, accomplishments!


shouldn't this thread be pinned?

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I've been out...just not this weekend. This whole weekend has been spent lying on the living room floor because it's the coolest place in my house. Yeeuh.


I have over 500 posts. *happy dance*


Beckett, you should join my dance class.

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