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I saw it last night. It was long but definitely worth it to sit through. Just make sure you are gonna be able to stay awake. It was powerful movie.


The only thing I didn't understand about the flashbacks is where was Eric Bana's character getting these memories from? I just dealt with it but he wasn't there, right? So why would he have such vivid, PTSD-type flashbacks. That's pretty much my only criticism.

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Brilliant movie from a brilliant filmmaker. Easily Spielberg's best work since Saving Private Ryan, though the Terminal is right up there as well. Eric Bana just blew me away, very powerful performance.

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Easily Spielberg's best work ... the Terminal is right up there as well.

I hope you're joking. The terminal put me to sleep.


On topic: I'm going to rent that pretty soon. It is out right?

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