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Die Hard 4, Indiana Jones 4, Terminator 4,

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I saw a quick blurb in a magazine that these movies were supposed to be in the works with all the original main actors. I knew about Indiana Jones, and Die Hard would not be too bad Bruce Willis still looks like he could be a bad ass cop. I don't know about Terminator 4, Arnie is looking a little old although it is supposed to be directed by James Cameron again. And Rocky too high to count....well that's just sad. 30 years after the first Rocky Sly is doing another one. Hopefully he doesn't fight his apprentice in the end of this one.......I assume it will be about him training someone again. But hey who knows maybe Rocky is trying to pull and Evander Holyfield.

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the rocky 6 movie is apparently about Rocky's attempt at a comeback..ala George Forman....


Stallone is writing and directing if I recall correctly


he said Forman was his inspiration because he became a contender again at almost age sixty

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I had thought Kevin Costner was rumored to play Indi's brother in that film. O_o


T4....iffy. I HATED the last one with a passion (excuse me, but if you're writing a sequel to a hugely successful franchise, you might want to at least make sure you get the TIMELINE figured out so that it follows the canon. grrr) But if James Cameron is returning, there might be hope. Arnie *is* too old, but I've sat through enough crap movies with aging stars to not care so much anymore.


I just watched JP3 on TBS, and it stinks...almost as bad as the second one, which I couldn't stand. Empire Strikes Back notwithstanding, I usually don't like sequels.


There are a few sequels I'm looking forward to though, and they're all scheduled for release in '06.


Merlin's Apprentice (The sequel to the miniseries "Merlin" that was on tv in 1998. I don't know *how* they're going to manage to do a sequel to that story, but Sam Neil is returning as Merlin, so it has my interest)


POTC: Dead Man's Chest. I loved the first one, and Johnny Depp makes the most fabulous pirate to grace the screen. They released the trailer for this movie this week, and Bill Nighy is set to play Davey Jones. It looks hysterical.


X3. Comic Book inspired movies, if done well, are suited to sequels. I'll go and see this out of principal.


It's sad that they can't come up with anything original in Hollywood anymore, but at the same time, I'm a sucker for brining back my fav characters over and over...

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I really didn't mind T3 that much. It's bound to look shitty in comparison to T2, but I think they did an alright job and put a cool spin on the whole time travel thing. Maybe it's just my own personal interest with time travel that did it, but i liked how they took the "no fate" theme from the first two and concluded that that was just an illusion, and that fate protects itself and that some form of the intended future is unnavoidable. And Nick Stahl is a hottie in a pug-ish sort of way. But I thouhgt Arnold retired from film?

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Indiana Jones... could be good. All three of those movies were awesome.

Its hard to fuck that up though.


Rocky 61, does not need to be made. The first 60 were bad enough.


Terminator 4, why?

1 was good, 2 was fucking retarded awesome, 3 looked good on the surface, but was a shitty film.


X3 I saw the trailer fr and almost creamed my pants. Looks fucking awesome. X2 was wicked.


Pirates of the Carribean, Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow again, how bad can it be?


That is all.

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This is truely the sign that Hollywood has run out of real ideas and must resort to passt success. Here are a few of my own ideas.


1. A Golden Girls Movie- Who doesnt love those old bittys. Regis Philbin could create a loev triangel between Blantch and Rose.


2. Alien and Preditator vs Jason and Freddy. When mixing two successful movies doesnt work try mixing four.


3. Jurrasic Park 4.... In space. All things are better in space.


does any one else have any lame ideas for new movies. Please feel free to post. Im sure we will see them soon on the big screen as there are truely no more origional ideas.

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