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looking for members


and the sound quality is bad because i dont have a track recorder, or real mic..


it was recorder from a webcam mic.. so that explains that..


i tried to clean up the sounds as much as possible on Acid Pro 5.0



and.. its not coherent, sometimes donedef.. because 1. i didnt write any lyrics, and everything was put together within an hour or so.. no thought or plans.. just a feel to create something.


thats what im looking for.. people with good minds and hearts.. willing to be artistic

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where do you live?

with jeff.. in Ottawa scot. i think i even met you mahfuckah


edit: thanks for the offer dude.. i need a fishing pole player.. only if you're dirty with that pole tho.. its all about fuckin it up and havin a good time.


i used to live in N.B. Campbellton!! area code 506, rejHkoniZE

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