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The Producers

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I still haven't watched the trailer, but I saw the producers when it was in Toronto with Sean Mullen and it was hilarious. I guess it was a few summers ago when all I did was watch TV, I remember watching lots of shows about how totally kickin' rad the Producers was with Broderick and Lane. Apparently it was said to be the best thing to ever hit Broadway, so I'm quite looking forward to the movie.

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I haven't seen the original or the trailer for this one. But I found what seems to work for these remakes is doing something a little different with them like with "The Italian Job", "The Bourne Identity", "The Manchurian Candidate", "Charlie and The Chocolatte Factory"...

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I never saw the original Producers, but I'm almost certain that this isn't exactly what you would call a "remake". I mean, in a sense it is. But in another sense, it's a whole new animal that was created for the stage.


Does that make any sense?


I'm a theater geek, so I'm crazy excited for this movie. After watching people flip out over Phantom of the Opera and RENT (shows I HATE), I'm glad to final get a big screen adaptation of a show that I like.

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Ula: Why Leo go so far camera right?




And I love how, at random points, the characters will acknowledge that they are singing and dancing. It's such an unabashed musical. I'd spend the 10 bucks just to see Springtime For Hitler again. Gary Beach rules my world.

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