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I Absolutely Refuse To Go Outside

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I live in Victoria. Victoria is not supposed to have snow. Especially when it's still fall. What the hell is going on here? Where's Global Warming when I need it? I need to catch a ferry tonight, and the buses are probably gonna delayed, and the traffic will be a bitch, and the ferries will probably not leave on time. I normally love snow, but they picked the worst possible day. ;)

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no there was snow. thats when we had the snow day. its snowed then it warmed up a bit, causing the snow to melt a bit, then it got real cold and froze the meltings and then the rode was icy so there was no school. since then it has warmed up and rained, and it showed again earlier today.

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I feel your pain.

Last year, it was -45 for about two weeks, and The bus students didn't have to come to school (which is about 2/3rds of our school, because I live in a small faming town) But, us townies were forced to go.


(stupid wandering mind, making me type what I'm thinking)

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