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It Hurts, It Really Hurts

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so...i was on archive.org and i searched for my old website i made in the 10th grade...so....7 years ago.



and back then...i was a huge blink 182 fan.


i tell you...i'm reading some of the things i wrote back then...and if i could go back in time and who i am now could talk to who i was then...i wouldn't recognize myself.


this is my favorite groan-inducing paragraph from the page.



"My favorite band of all time. THE premiere punk rock trio of the ninties. Think NOFX meets Pennywise. If you don't know who those two bands are, then think of a sound you have never heard before. Their music is really fast and rocking. If you are uncertain about whether or not you might like punk music, pick up their third album Dude Ranch. It is my number one c.d. I wore it out and may have to buy a new one since now it skips due to wear. Their first album was entitled Buddha which was on very limited release, that is until they rerealesed it to the unsuspecting public a few months ago. Their next album was called Cherish Cat. This is definitely the best Blink 182 album available. It includes their first hit M&M's which is a fun, fast tune about stuff. After this was, of course, Dude Ranch. This was my first Blink 182 album and the start of something big. I figure I have spent over $150 on Blink merchandise which was worth all the money."


its greeeeaaaat. i considered blink 182 to be punk rock.


and on my page, i even had a blog...before I or anyone knew what a blog was


here's my entry on the status of the music industry.




I'm getting really sick of all these teen boppers with their crappy music and their lame dancing. It seems like these music execs just want five good looking people who will drive little girls crazy. The ability to sign seems like it isn't even necessary. I'm pretty sure one of these days we're going to see one of these groups caught for lip synching. (Milli Vanilli anyone?) These groups are getting record deals right on the spot when they go addition at their local mall. This makes it so hard for really good bands to get a record deal. Good punk is so hard to find and it just gets harder when all I see at the music store is backstreet boys and n'sync. This Sucks!!! Of course, the execs will never see the error of their ways because their making so much money off of this crap."


ok...i think i'm cooler today then i was then.




or at least, i hope so...

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Hahahaha, its horrible discovering that you weren't as smart as you thought you were, because maybe it means that you aren't currently as smart as you think you are. "There will come a time when the version of you on this day will seem stupid. This is not your fault." There you go. Matt God himself lets you off the hook. It's really not that bad though. If I'd have recorded my thoughts back then, which I don't even think I'd be able to do as well as you did, they could easily be used against me now.

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