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2005 Matthew Good Band Elimination

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Everyone likes results!!


Round 4D: Top 18 Placements

1) Strange Days 28 vs Blue Skies Over Badlands 13

2) Running For Home 27 vs Symbolistic White Walls 14

3) Born To Kill 26 vs Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production

4) Everything is Automatic 16 vs Near Fantastica 25


ROUND 4E: Rank 11-18 Placements


1) 17TH PLACE MATCH: Symbolistic White Walls vs Blue Skies Over Badlands

Symbolistic White Walls:

-Round 1: defeated Parable 34-5

-Round 2: defeated Rico 35-11

-Round 3: defeated Under The Influence 31-21

-Round 4: lost against Avalanche 16-32


Blue Skies Over Badlands:

-Round 1: lost to Weapon

-Round 4B: 2nd Place in Vote on Round



PREDICTION: Blue Skies Over Badlands


2)15TH PLACE MATCH: Everything is Automatic vs Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production

Everything is Automatic:

-Round 1: defeated Alert Status Red 32-7

-Round 2: defeated Comfy Criminals 42-4

-Round 3: defeated 21st Century Living 35-17

-Round 4: lost against Suburbia 12-36


Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production:

-Round 1: defeated The Ocean 31-8

-Round 2: defeated Hello Time Bomb 32-14

-Round 3: defeated Giant 27-24

-Round 4: lost against Tripoli (Rooms) 22-26


MY PICK: probably the hardest choice of the 4 matches.. but ill go EVERYTHING IS AUTOMATIC

PREDICTION: Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production


3)13TH PLACE MATCH: Born To Kill vs Running For Home

Born To Kill:

-Round 1: defeated Umbrellaless 39-1

-Round 2: defeated Dusk 34-6

-Round 3: defeated All Together 35-7

-Round 4: lost against While We Were Hunting Rabbits 21-27


Running For Home

-Round 1: defeated Buffalo Seven 27-10

-Round 2: defeated Four Minute Mile 55-3

-Round 3: defeated It

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