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if you could see any band(s) in concert, still together, broken up, never existed, whatever,who would it be?



my line up, you ask? well, it would look something like this.




Pluto opens


Followed by The Matthew Good Band (beautiful midnight era)


and concluding with The Sex Pistols (77 era)


its a complete music spazz/dork question, but I thought it was a good topic.

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I'd have two dream concerts


First one would be my psychedelic 60s-70s music for an acid headed night of musical fun...


Post-Woodstock Hendrix

Pink Floyd

The Grateful Dead

Santana (60s-70s)


And then my current favourite bands because they are just as good...


Matthew Good

The Flaming Lips

Modest mouse

A Perfect Circle

Mars Volta



in that order.



Edit: Yikes, forgot Zeppelin, pretend you read them on the first concert list.

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I decree a two-day festival right in the heart of sunny Steveston. It shall be as follows:


Day 1 (The current bands)



Ted Leo

Blur (w/ Graham Coxon)

New Pornographers

Sonic Youth


and a reunited Pavement


Day 2 (Where I jump into my time-machine)



Gang of Four (Solid Gold-era)

The Fall (circa mid-80s)

Joy Division

The Smiths

Talking Heads

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Gym Class Heroes

From First to Last

Taking Back Sunday

Leftover Crack


Dimmu Borgir

My Chemical Romance

Bright Eyes

Matthew Good


ten bands would be a festival, i think...

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My festival would consist:


Matthew Good Band


PJ Harvey

Foo Fighters

Tori Amos

Counting Crows


Smashing Pumpkins


Ani DiFranco

Jimmy Eat World



Damien Rice



And I probably forgot a bunch more...

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Matthew Good opens

Pearl Jam closes

Didn't that happen already? Not that it's not a valid contribution to the thread, im just curious.


I edited things.

I have no idea if that happened or not. If it did it was a long time, and in Canada with out a doubt. Being from the US, I have never heard of a show billed like that. Still that is my dream show, regardless if it happened or not.

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Marilyn Manson with NiN as a joint project.


and hanging from the arena ceiling in an angel costume with a gas mask will be Mike Patton on vocal ambience.


pale blue light and flashes of darkness, strobing, Trent 12 years younger, and coked out of his head


making experimental music, improv concerts

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