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Limblifter - Agoraphobe (merged)

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Fine then, soooooorry ;)


Seriously, I didn't think someone would have written this in the Music in General section so I didn't look


Up for the merging...mod?...Anton?

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Holy shit, I love it. I forgot how much I liked Limblifter.


How many albums do they have? All I have is the I/O one plus the 3 songs off of Bellaclava.

3 albums in total.

Self titled in 1996, then Bellaclava and I/O.

Not including some demos and whatnot under the name Alarmbell.

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i wonder if they will get it. LL has already made their three albums with factor i think, or maybe two, and i think the limit is three. I thought one of the reasons Ryan was gonna form alarm bell was so they had a different name with different members to get a grant, but i guess todd and kurt left on their own terms to join the new pornographers. Hopefully they get some casholla, I/O was one of the best records of 2004.

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i ;) limblifter. they were so nice when i got my CD signed. it angered me when drunk idiots in the audience were all 'play tinfoil!!!!!' and then told them to go away when they did.




EDIT: i forgot i wasn't on MSN and used (L)... so i replaced it with :angry:

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They've only had one, the other two were recorded by Limblifter with their own money. Also, most if not all Sum 41's albums have been helped paid for by Factor, and they have four now.

i stand corrected, but i was on the factor site before and i swear it said only 3 albums per artist, i will investigate.

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Q: How many grants can an artist receive from FACTOR?


A: Each program has its own limitations on funding. Some are capped at dollar grant maximums per fiscal year, while others have maximum grants per artist in the lifetime of the program. Check the guidelines for each program for details.

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