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Original "weapon" Video

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Does anyone have the .mov file for the "Weapon" video? I bought "In A Coma," but the "Weapon" video on there is not the one that I fell in love with when I first started listening to Matthew Good.


The 'videos' section of nearfantastica.com has the video that I'm talking about, but the macromedia file is low quality, and the subliminal messages are blurry and hard to read.


So does any one have a higher quality version of this video? Please email me. Or PM me.



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Well, the version on "In a Coma" has that girl right in the beginning. That is defintely not in the original version.


Also, the guy motioning with his hand right at the end of the In a Coma version isn't in the original


The main thing is that the original has more 'jitter' at the beginning. More of the jitter in the camera, and in the editing.

The In a Coma version seems a bit more refined at the beginning.

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