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Christmas Lists

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Christmas is ever so close, 16 days as I post this. The thing is, I have no idea what I want. The 'rents told me to send my list, but there is nothing on it yet.


I thought it would be a good idea to see what other people are asking for. Post your wish list here, and maybe I'll steal your ideas.

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i'm getting a digital camera. i've been wanting one for quite some time now and my parent's finally broke down and got me one...i'm not supposed to know, so if they ask, don't tell them that i know. it'll be our little secret!


other then that, i didn't want anything else...well, i wouldn't have minded an mp3 player too, but that's getting greedy

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Things I wouldn't mind:


-underarmour "coldwear" hoodie, mock turtleneck "coldwear" sweater, long pants so i can keep warm while skiing/being outside in the cold

-camelbak water hydration thingie for skiing

-clothes that don't suck

-new pair of skis/bindings as i broke my old ones

-new set of GHS .11 gauge guitar strings

-iTunes gift card

-all my ducks in a row

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My friend got me a discount on one from Rona because I needed it to eat the fruit flies that were filling my kitchen at school. That night we stopped off at Wendy's, and got curious as to how it would work. Someone along the way told us to feed it meat if there weren't any flies around, but they may have been full of shit. So we dropped little bits of burger in its mouth thing, and were amazed that it closed instantly. So amazed were we that we fed the other heads meat as well. By the end of the weekend it was almost dead, and by the time I got it to my kitchen it was all shrivled and brown. So we took it out back and shot it.


Now to stay on topic... Ask them for a cowboy style duster coat. And a revolver.

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borntohula: What kind of headphones do you want?


The_Rat_Who_Would_be_King: "A cowboy style duster coat. And a revolver." eh? The thing is, I would get those if i asked for them.


ecnarf: Thanks, you've got my wheels turning. I'm thinking snowboard maybe. And a gift certificate to my favorite board store back home on the rock.


Jarrod: Get some pirhannas!

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Epihpone Thunderbird

Some sort of bass amp.  I have no idea.

Hehehe, close... It's just a bass guitar. But I already have one of those. Is that what you want for Christmas?


TRWWbK- Naw, not a big fan of lego anymore, but thanks for the offer.

No, I know what the Thunderbird is, the "I have no idea" part was refering to the kind of bass amp I want. I worded it bad and now I look silly. DAMN YOU CHRISTMAS!

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Ahhhhhh, I get it now. You want a Thunderbird AND a bass amp!

Now I feel silly.

Be careful what you wish for, you might end up with an Ampeg SVT.

I forgot to put the "and" in to seperate them. I fail. But if you have a good suggestion for a bass amp, I'm listening...or reading in this case. That goes for everyone too.

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I'm getting an MP3 player, and some money, probably some cd's and socks (am I the only person who enjoys getting socks?)



I usually just get a bunch of money, a few other things, and am sent off on boxing day to buy my own crap because I'm "So hard to shop for!"

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