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X-box 360

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I owned one, then it started fucking around with my girlfriend, and feeding on the life-force of all around it. So me, the PS2 and the Gamecube laid a trap for it, using a virgin game, still in it's cellophane wrap. After a brief struggle, We tied it up with a power bar, and beat it to death with an X-Box controller (PS2 thought of the irony). We then burned and defecated on the silicon remains in an orgery fire and death. The body is buried in many pieces, each seperated by a vast distance. I will say this though, I did send the logo to Mr. Gates, the creator of this evil.

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Who would pay 500 or 600 dollars for that?



If you need to have one for whatever reason, wait until the PS3 comes out and buy that instead.

They rushed the 360 out for some reason, and its basically blowing up people's houses and raping their mothers.

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i have an xbox 360, and the stories of problems are WAY out of proportion, i don't know anyone who's had a problem with theirs.


plus, it's sweet.

Same here.


At first I thought mine was defective cuz the cd tray would only open like 1/6th of the way and I got pissed, then I realized that there was tape over oart of it. Felt like such a moron.

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