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Relevance In Music Today

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what really gets to me is every decade starting in the 60s has had its own style


60s - folk rock (bob dylan, phil ochs, etc.)


70s - disco, punk


80s - new wave


90s - grunge


00s - ?????


yeah...a few people have told me that those genres pretty much started towards the end of those decades, but i can't think of anything from the past 5 years that has really stood out as original in this decade.

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this is a ridiculous discussion.


songs have different meanings to different people. you may not find meaning in the music that is in the top 40, but a lot of people certainly do.


unfortunately, we live a world where just because you dismiss something, it does not mean it is completely void of meaning for everyone else as well.


music today is just as good as music made a decade ago or even a half a century ago. theres nothing different. no difference in talent, no difference in topics. what's being played in the top 40 is still being determinned by big record companies, just as it always has and probably always will.


there is no kind of univeral taste that determines whether things are good or bad. if you actually believe in that i feel sorry for you.


relevance ≠ meaningfulness, either.

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You could make the aguement that Sigur Ros has really done some different stuff in the past couple years, along with System of a Down, they that started at the end of the 90s, i'm sure there are lots of other artists but i can't seem to recall others at the moment. The point is music will continue to evolve and so forth, though the last 60's will be hard to beat.


plus what borntohula said, i agree whole-heartedly.

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yeah and concerning sigur ros, they sing in icelanic and sometimes in an entirely made up language. i have no idea what they're singing about but what i do know is that their music makes me feel incredible. they could be singing about how they lost their cat who was named mittens and it wouldn't make any difference whatsoever to me.

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borntohula, are you kidding me? music is not in as good of shape as it ever was. I may be wrong but i'm pretty sure punk rock didn't come with dolls and a mohawk and tattoos were a statement and not a trend. I understand that business is, has, and always will be a part of music, but now the music seems to be a secondary aspect of the industry, don't feed me this music is just as good as it ever was crap.

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maybe if you only look at whats on the radio, you have to remember that time will tell on how big of an impact artists will have, bands like Velvet Underground weren't automatic successes, same goes for many other classic bands, there will always be good music and bad music, these days more bad music is on the radio, i don't think zeppelin saw tonnes of radio play back in the day, they prob get more now on classic rock stations, yes the industry is much more focused on money these days and shitty bands are big financial successes, but there are hundreds of amazing bands out there that you or me or most people hasn't ever heard, music has always been that way, it prob always will be, though i will again state that the late 60's will be hard to beat (Dylan, The Beatles, Hendrix,, Zeppelin, The Who, like c'mon now)and to touch on what hula said, music is about what it means to the individual, its not about financial or legend status or anything like that, it's what it means to those who listen to it, competition is music is really pointless, comparing is alright, but saying this is the definitive best or worst is impossible to discern, cause everyone has different feelings about it.

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