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Black Helicopter (demo)- Merry Xmas Everyone

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wee! it sounds slightly odd, the extra background noises are a tad distracting, and as for the words, um... all i can make out it is "you're gonna get what you deserve" and "black helicopter", and this he slurs. to me. first time listening.

but wee!

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You're gonna take what you can get

Food and rock and roll

Absolution for your head


You're gonna get what you deserve

And not a bullet less

They said it, ain't you heard

Only killers call killing progress


For the curious: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COINTELPRO

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Im pretty sure Matt said new album for spring time didnt he?


Correct me if im wrong, but im sure he mentioned it in a post a couple months back, when he was saying he had one contracted album release left with Universal.


Cant Get Shot In The Back he has kind of confirmed for it on that Cfox show he did. If Black Helicopter is going to be on it too, then....god dammit I cant wait!! woooo!

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Fixed but I swear X-box's do use Intel chipsets though :angry:. Anyone else have their own interpretations?

The first-gen's did (Intel Celerons). The X-Box 360 has PowerPC (IBM). ;)


I was thinking "For X-Box COINTELPRO" as an allusion to people being wiped of caring about political action in favor of the X-Box. At first blush, the lyrics kinda read like a critique of people ignoring government actions in favor of simpler things like music and video games.


The first verse almost sounds like: "Weeding to the west / Live the high way in your home"


There's something weird about how he pronounces the first line of the chorus - it almost sounds like "For long, eh". (And I think it's "Are all I see".)

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