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Does Anyone Else Hate Specificity In Music?

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Water obviously... since it was dry when he drove to it.


I guess to stay on topic, I don't mind specificity. The lyrics were written that way on purpose for the most part to take you to that time when they were composed.

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I dunno, when I listen to music or read a poem or something I just generally think of it in broad, big-picture, sweeping-message terms, and it's these little mentions of specificity that make the whole song kind of 'zoom in' onto that particular detail.


Another good example is in We're So Heavy. Who the hell are Jove and Drusilla? I know they're from roman mythology or something, but does anyone know what the actual story was behind/between them?

Well, often emperors of Rome were considered gods, so I guess Jove is referring to her brother, Caligula. There's much speculation that he and Dru got jiggy with it.


and dang, someone else answered the BNL question for you XD That's MY job!

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