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The Butterfly Effect

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Firstly, I am NOT an Ashton Kutcher fan. I associate him with his two TV shows, and thus deem him (wrongly now, I admit) as a goof-off and one-dimensional.


After seeing his movie "The Butterfly Effect", I have since taken back my initial feelings towards him. The movie itself in my opinion is fantastic, disturbing, thought-provoking (if you mildly enjoy the laws of physics), and overall an entertaining two-hour escape.


Any thoughts or feedback?

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Well, I will call the movie great. I was really impressed by it, even Mr. cougar bait was good in this movie. I also found out that there are two different endings for this movie, the VHS ending (which was the one shown in theatres) and the DVD ending. I'm not 100% sure if all the DVD's are the same and all the VHS's are the same, but so far, the people I know that have seen it on DVD say a different ending than the people that I know that've seen it on VHS.

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