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Looks Like Matt

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We need a Half-Life 2 mod to make the guy look exactly like Matt, and have Matt Good running around blowing shit up.


Not sure how well that'd go over on the home front, though.


Whatever happened to the days of the band-related videogame? I think Journey had a game... that sucked.


Actually, I don't think I wanna know. There's probably a My Chemical Romance game in development. *shudder*

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There's probably a My Chemical Romance game in development.  *shudder*

You down a bottle of tylenol for 10 emo points.

*LMAO* Oh GOD, that would be fucking awesome. I'd play the game just to kill them off. <3


And if there was a Matthew Good mod for a game I'd totally play it. That would be awesome. I don't give a damn what game, I'd play it and squee.


Though if there was a game with him in it, I'd imagine you go around messing up evil politicians and shit. I'd imagine Bush or Cheney would be the end boss.

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