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Thermal Depolymerization

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Thermal Depolymerization


I'm writing an essay on peak oil right now and suggested responses to it. About a month ago I came across the term this thread is based on and threw it into a search engine.


Anyways, I Thought I'd throw this up on here and ask if anyone else was aware of this process and had any opinions on the subject in relation to consumption rates of the world and how the first and second laws of thermodynamics might play into such a process were it ever adopted on a large scale level.

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I've heard of it, although I think there may be a few problems with it.


First off, how many plants need to be built in order to actually make a dent in the amount of oil pumped, enough so as to make prices come down? Second, how efficient is the refining process? If it takes more energy to produce a barrel of oil than what the barrel of oil would produce, then is it worth it?


I think this is a great technology if implemented properly.

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