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Drunk Messageboard Posting

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i'll admit, i used to do it quite a bit.



go out with buddies or the girlfriend, get shittered then come home and be all wide awake with nothing to do 'cept post on the ol' mg messageboard of the minute. i used to do it alot on massacre in disguise. that was a while ago. not only have i grown up, but i've mostly found better things to do while drunk. and also, i think i drink more, which causes me to not want to sit in front of a computer, but to sleep (or pass out). right now i'm about 2.75 sheets to the wind, im about to hop on the skytrain to meet a friend and i decided that i had a good day and i should cap it off with whatever beer i had in the work fridge. so... im drunk. waiting for the appropriate time to leave and... posting on a messageboard drunk.



how often do people on here hammer out a few posts while UTI?












discuss... anything.

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i've done it once or twice, but usually i have enough sense in me to either type very little or to stop typing before i make the post.


my bad habit would be going on msn drunk. i did it a few times toward the beginning of the semester. haven't done it recently. apparently i like to hit on girls on msn while being drunk, but i don't remember much of that.

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My thing used to be getting on my webcam DRUNK with all my friends watching. It usually amused most of them because I'm a very, very happy drunk. And it doesn't take much to get me drunk.


I still get online when drunk and it's usually good for a laugh the next day... I tend to keep logs of EVERYTHING even when drunk, so, I remember.


Though, the best thing was, when my best friend got drunk.


In the chat we both go to, she told everyone that her boobs were trying to escape her shirt, and, how boobs were people too. Along with MANY other things. The best part? Two guys who never let someone live anything down were in the room and she barely remembered the next day. She also messaged me and told me she was horny and wanted to screw me. It was GREAT.


"So, have your boobs escaped yet?" XD



Was what she got bombarded with for the next few days. We all enjoyed it muchly. She didn't so much but we did. XD

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Bring back NF Moonbase!!!!!


I've never posted here drunk but about a month ago I was at a house party and I was drunk and they were playing Christmas music. I hate Christmas music so I decided to chat on MSN. No good. I can't type while intoxicated. I realized that quickly and left.

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Talking on the phone while drunk is fun, too.


I'm getting picked on now because I said "Ahhhh loooovvvveeeee yewww likeee sooooo BIIIIIIIG!!!!" last night and "BUUUTTTSHEEECCCKSSSS!!!!"


(I can't properly say 'I' according to everyone who's talked to me on the phone due to my texan accent. Apparantly I say 'Ah' ;); )

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