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Merry Christmas Or Happy Holidays?

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It bothers me when people think Christianity is in some way superior to or more correct than any other religion.


Where's the love for Quetzalcoatl?



It's all the same thing. Myths written by ancient peoples to attempt explain that which they did not understand.

Jesus has as much legitimacy as Zeus, Quetzalcoatl, Osiris, Jove, Muhammad, Vishnu, or Zoroaster. Which is to say, none.


No offense to anyone who's going to be offended by this (there's going to be at least one).

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There's no such thing...  ;)

Have you met every Jew and every Arab who had ever lived?



There are honkey muslims and black jews and so forth.

I was kidding. Of course there're people who were born to one Jewish parent and one Arab parent. I'm from Israel, I know about these things!

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