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Pluto is one of the lost pop/punk bands that just couldn't make it in the Canadian landscape of popular music. Why is beyond me.


Even today, seven years after their first album was released, I can throw this album on and impress the hell out of people that have never heard of the band.


I'm willing to wager that if you listen to "Black Lipstick" you will walk away singing the chorus. ("My girlfriend is in a band / I'm her number one fan / she's in the palm of my hand")


Sure, it may be that their lyrics weren't totally intelligent but how many radio bands have something profound to say? Not a hell of a lot.


Anyway, Pluto is one of the best, unrealized power pop bands of Canada's history. The band can blast out tracks like "Failure" and "Regenerate" like nobodies business. It seems like it is band's like these that just can't seem to make a go of it. Great, fun music is not what the masses want even when major labels scoop up bands like Pluto. They end up back doing things themselves. This isn't a bad thing. There is so much good music that has been undiscovered out there.

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okay, so either no one knows Pluto or...they know them but they have forgotten


fair enough.


I present to you some songs for sampling.


Pluto - When She Was Happy







Pluto - The Goodbye Girl (Pop Goes The Girl Remix)


awesome band and awesome tunes


my gift to you for the christmas season

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