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For Sale - Black Market Surgery At Good Price

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Ok so....whoever one the auction I had, refused to pay me!! ;) so, im listing the book again. But its on a buy it now list. Thats just a guide price, if you have any other offer for it, PM me and I will consider it.


Click Here



Also, I have the MG football patch for sale. I havnt listed that anyway, so if anybody wants that, then make me some offers.





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yeah i've done that. It was a random person with 0 feedback anyway, but...i dont get it...you know..dont bid if your not going to buy.


some people!!

If I was selling (which I don't do for the reason you gave) I simply wouldn't allow bids from people with less than [insert arbitrary number here] positive feedback unless they proved they were serious somehow (phone call perhaps).

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