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Happy Non-denominational Holiday Eve!

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Just thought I'd wish everyone a very non discriminate and non denominational holiday eve and then holiday to the people here. Any mention of the word "Christ" and I will ban you SO hard you won't even see it coming. This thread has no relation to religion what so ever and if I find out that one of you even thought about writing about it, I'll smack you! This is a holiday eve and holiday day thread, not some religious happy hour fun time-mania bonanza!


Merry Christmas!

From Yasa

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yasa, by wishing everyone a happy non-denominational holiday eve, you turned it into a religious thing because the only thing that will be happening tomorrow is christmas.

happy holidays, all.

I totally wasn't aware of that, thanks for the heads up....

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My painkillers made Christmas quite the roller coaster.


Do any of you know what it's like to want to honest-to-god kill your stereo? Because that's what I wanted to do today. I wanted to take a gun and shoot the goddamned stereo. If I had a gun, I'm not sure I would have been able to restrain myself. Because my dad's taste in Christmas music is akin to strapping a 10-grit piece of sandpaper, attaching it to a high-speed circular power sander and holding it against your face.


And yet, I find most things more huggable than is probably normal.

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