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Driven By Life While Under The Influence

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Well since its the holidays, I'm sure most of you are inxoticated with something.

Tell us whats on your mind,or what as at least at the time of the height of your intoxication.

Say exactly what you are intoxicated by beer, whine,weed, crack and so on.

And we'll see what happens.

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I've been intoxicated with tylenol 3's to deal with my 8 teeth getting pulled out.


Why it's great:


-less paranoid

-everything more huggable

-less irritable

-low tolerance for stupidity

-makes me dizzy and tired, perfect excuse to miss out on church

-less paranoid


did i mention i'm less paranoid?


the more i think about it the more i realize that anxiety dominates my life and the more i realize that maybe something that could regularly ease the anxiety would be better.

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Sorry I deleted someones post.

By accident.

But Fuck no they don't cure cancer.


And heres my story


Well I'm baked right now and I'm thinking about the book 1984.

I find myself at independent and I found myself trapped inside Saladfingers.

The big black ball hung from the ceiling like the eye of the little boy who wanted to marry her.

Always being watched, always been recorded.

Pictures of famine, disease, hate, poverty, slashed through my brain.

I couldn't take it anymore.



As I sat outside, looking at my half pound apple. I imagined it to be a GMO.

Before I knew it, apples spread legs and walk through out the earth.


Yeah I know that was a story from my highest point. So just tell me that instead.

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I'm intoxicated on bitterness right now. I hate the holiday season. blah


I agree that Tylenol #3's are awesome. I took 2 one time when i had a massive migraine and I have never felt better in my life. I ended up having this Matt Good dream where we got to see him up close for an acoustic show and towards the end he gets up off of his stool and says that it's time to shoot some guns. He walks around to everyone and asks why he shouldn't kill them. My response was "I haven't spent my whole life suppressing the urge to kill myself to have you shoot me now". Then I woke up.


I think I want to go home and get my Tylenol #3's.

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Go ahead and have some of mine... I don't need them much anymore.


And I've had enough fun with them already... I don't want to take 2 and just waste away the good mood by myself.


But seriously though, I really did enjoy the complete lack of anxiety. I think it was worth getting 8 teeth pulled out. In fact, I've found this whole experience rather enjoyable for some reason, despite the discomfort and swelling. It is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.


P.S. I would like to get out to the gym and excercise, but I really ... sorta ... can't. Between school and homework and not doing homework, there's just no time. There's a gym right by my school, but I mean... eh. I definitely need to put on some weight, though, as I'm 6'1 and barely 150 pounds. But I don't know if that'd cure the anxiety thing. Sitting on a stationary bike in the presence of overweight soccer moms won't break the feeling that I'm being fenced in by people. Eh.

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Hey man, I totally sympathize with you. I've been there too, and I always put off going to the gym, because I was self-conscious and such things. But a couple months ago, I signed up at the local Y. To make a long story short, its made a huuuuuuuge difference. Even after the first session (they give you free orientations and set up a routine for you) I felt a real significant change. For the rest of the day, your running on a real nice high, people are engaging to talk to and you have the confidence to handle any situation really well.


I never really believed it would happen like that until I went, but the effect the gym has on your body and your mind is really awesome. Even 3 times a week is enough, if you could fit it in. Plus, you really only need 40-45 minutes per session, I'm sure it would help a lot. So yeah.. give it a shot!

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When I'm away at university (next year) I plan to make use of the gym facilities. But right now, I don't know.


Besides that, the stationary bikes and treadmills at this gym are all lined up along a window. You get people standing outside in front of the fat ones eating ice cream.

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