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Ravenous itchy

What Did You Get For Christmas?

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My family got a ping-pong table.


For cds I got Selling England by the pound by Genesis, Bitches brew by Miles Davis.


Books: I got a book about MC Escher, including many of his paintings. I also got Drowned wednesday by Garth Nix.


Some nice tea, chocolate orange, candy, stripy socks, a toque, gloves, a calender, a journal, a long sleeve shirt, and a POCKET WATCH, no more irritated wrists for me!


Many gift certificates for chapters and A&B sound as well.

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Heh, I got a 2GB ipod nano too, from work...


Andrey Tarkovsky's book "Sculpting In Time" (Russian film director)

4 DVDs:

Seijun Suzuki's "Underworld Beauty"

Seijun Suzuki's "Pistol Opera"

Tonino Cervi's "Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die" (written by Dario Argento)

Ingmar Bergman's "Saraband"

A Corvette calendar from my brother because I just recently got one

Various candies and gift certificates

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two books, two CD's, a picture my little sister drew, $200 and gift certificates for HMV and themovie theatre, a microwave, and the greatest gift i've ever received: Kate made me a scarf!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

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4 gig black iPod nano

some clothes (alot of ecko and timbaland --> my parents were in the states and I feel bad saying they aren't my thing)


And scarfs are a popular thing for girlfriends to make. My ex made me one last year for christmas.

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i want to make joel one but i am just not able.

i can't do it. I tried but i suck too much at knitting.


Her grandma made me a hat!! (maybe i mentioned that, i don't know, but it deserves an extra eeeeeeeeeeee!:




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Beatles - A Hard Day's Night

Neil Young - Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

Rust Never Sleeps

Tragically Hip - Hipeponymous

John Lennon - Imagine

Velvet Underground - Loaded

Johnny Cash - American III


And the Warriors Special Edition DVD, and the Bowie's final Ziggy Stardust show.


Plus lots of underwear...awesome.

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