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New Years!

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I got a bit drunk and played around online (I haven't gone out for new years since I was 12, always too sick.) And spent it with my family and talking to friends.


I also mixed up amaretto sours. <3 Mmm. Made me very happy.


I ran around and kissed all of my pets at 12. Yeah, I'm a dork, but it's tradition. I was slightly sad that we didn't give them any alcohol this year but my Grandpa didn't buy any champange so... (Yeah, we give our pets a bit of alcohol on new years, weird I know but it's not enough to hurt them. XD )


It was mostly boring but meh.


Happy new years guys. <3

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All of my plans fell through to have people over to my house so I decided I wanted to go into Ottawa. My friend, Emily, was having a party and I was interested in hanging out there. My parents I asked my parents and they informed me that it was a stupid, illogical, insane idea. I tried to state my case but when you do that to parents sometimes, they assume you are being disrespectful.


There was a nock at my door and in popped my friend Kitt who was home from University. I was really upset and be both discussed the problem. I

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holy hell. i was going to watch a coldplay laser light show at the planetarium for my birthday then on my way from picking up a buddy one of my tires blew out and i had to get it fixed asap. the shop was across from earls and i ended up having a few drinks then instead of going to the planetarium we went to a bar i'd never been to and i cant remember the name of. i met a dropdead gorgeous girl who "saw me somewhere before" and wouldnt let me leave her sight. everything was going good (really good) until she told me she had a 42 year old boyfriend who was "affiliated". so i marched her and moved on to my buddy who was in the smoking room. i met a girl named amanda and she liked the way i kissed her so her and her friend came home with me and my friend. my friend slept on my coffee table and had the best sleep in a long time. thge girls left at 8am we slept til 11, hotknifed in my new kitchen and walked to the dealer to get my car it was then i realized that i lost my cell phone somewhere between leaving the bar with the ladies and waking up the next morning. the car was done and it was at this point that i was convinced to try ricky's for breakfast. i had 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, and i substituted the two pancakes for hashbhrowns because pancakes have way too much startch in them i didnt finish either of the bacons or the hashbrowns. i had a beer with breakfast and new years eve began. i bought a 26 of tangueray and a 26 of johnny walker gold. i got invited to a party in maple ridge where the booze was free in a 16 room house. i didnt believe them so i brought my stuff with me. we drove there and passed through two roadblocks on the way. we showed up and the house was huge and the booze was indeed free. tons of it. like $2500 worth. the host is 25 years old retired and a world poker tour champion. thats all he does, we partied there i met a beautiful girl named amy that i fell in lust with and spent the better part of the night with her. straight dark hair and beautiful eyes and a smile that made me weak. her voice is sexy and she's well spoken and challenged me. she was wearing a tight black blazer and a lacey corset underneath. she's been to all the same places in the world that i've been to, except she experienced as a backpacker (the way i wanted to) and i experienced bouncing from hotel to hotel (the way my girlfriend wanted to experience it) and for that she is my hero. i gave her my work number because of my abset cell phone. i left her there because she lives in forest grove langley and i live in westwood coquitlam. she invited herself to my house and i declined. no room in the car. i told her that i would gladly trade a reserved spot for her, but the situation prevented it. i arrived in one piece in my wing-mans driveway at precisely 4:23 am with him his girlfriend and her friend. who, might i add is the most annoying female in recent history, albiet quite good looking. so the temptations have been there, but not on this night. the cabs never answered and the girls never went home until 8am on the first day of the year. i refused to drive them home on account of being quite comfortable where i was. when i did arise, we ate breakfast and... wait for it... started drinking the drinks we didnt drink the night before. i took an hour walk home from the friend's house last night and picked up my car this morning before showing up here.


i'm in bad shape.

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I was supposed to go out with this one girl, but she texted me saying that she had to work until 11 and had a migraine.


So I called this other (younger) girl that I had been talking with on MSN all christmas break.


She came over. We didn't drink. Did the happy new years kissing/making out thing and she spent the night (no sex, we slept like babies, which I prefer lately)


It was nice.

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