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So blink 182 broke up awhile ago and they all went off to make their own bands. What did Travis do? He opened up a fish taco place.


What's up with "Plus 44" and "Angels and Airwaves"?


And why did Tom make a movie about himself.

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i thought travis was still working with mark in the new band he formed...



He is. They released their first song, and it's apparently about Tom.


I don't think Blink will ever get back together, and i think Tom might have gone a little crazy, but who knows.


The one Plus 44 song out right now is really good, you can hear it on their official site.

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To my knowledge, Travis has never sang on any album (aquabats / blink / transplants / boxcar / plus 44)


Transplants had like three amazing songs and 20 godawful ones.

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