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American Dreamz

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"You make me want to be a better person. But I'm not a better person, I'm me."


Overall, it was pretty good, but I tend to give things that mock contemporary American culture a bit of a wide berth. One thing that bugged me about it was that some of the main actors seemed to just be re-using characters that they'd played previously: Hugh Grant's character could have easily been a transplanted-to-America version of his character from Bridget Jones' Diary, and Mandy Moore's could have easily been the older sister of her character from Saved. A good laugh, overall, though.

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I guess the irony is that mandy moore was made famous by the culture they're mocking.


thankless bitch. Lord knows she's popular becuase of her acting skills. she annoys me more than Jessica simpson, because atleast Jessica accepts that she's a dumb blond. Instead, Mandy dyes her hair and acts "better than that". ;)


the concept is too obvious to be considered satirical. it's probably a bad parody of itself but I'll never know because I won't see a movie that has mandy moore and hugh grant in the same casting...until it comes out on t.v. or one of my friends rents it.

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