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Canada's #1 Again!

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You beat me to it!

I was going to make this thred!

Not only did they win, but it was a shut out aswell.


I'm so happy for them that they won, with all this Canada are the underdogs crap.

But I feel bad for the Russians, I mean they looked so sad though.

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Watched bits and pieces of the game. Did Canada ever throw the body! I think Canada had one of the least talented teams individual wise, but one of the strongest teanms. These guys worked hard in every game, and worked as a team in every game. It was good to watch.

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i loved how the russian goalie was get pissed off during the game, the russian defence always cleared the puck to the canadian forwards (like the last goal) or didnt get canadians away from him. it was the russian defence that cost them the game

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