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Matt's voice..

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what do you guys think of this new feature? i think it's swell. i love matts voice, even when he is talking. the way he says stuff is great. i think it will add alot


and also, who all here has a functioning blog they'd like to share?

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I Love Matt's voice too, so much. Listening to him is addictive for me, I have been listening to his CDs for the past two weeks for at least 2 hours a day. Almost nothing else but him. So I really love this new audioblog feature. I agree juanpe, it is so sweet and deep. So honest too, I think. I love it.

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You can record your "web blog" (internet journal, i guess) through voice on your computer and cell phone. You just use it to record recent events and important topics. Someone can probably explain it better, or put up Matt's audioblog for juanpe.

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Here you go juanpe ;)


Matt's First Audioblog


and here is another thing you may be interested in... Matthew Good was interviewed on one of our local radio stations and here is the link. To listen you have to select the date July 17, 2004 and the time 4:00pm.After 30 minutes the interview with Matt begins. Im sure you will love this...


Matt's Interview on Vancouver Radio Station

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thanx a lot dan ;)


in my culture, when someone does something for you and its a friend or a relative, i'd give him a kiss (something normal and common in my culture)... i wouldnt do it in this case because it wouldnt be seen well in your culture :angry: hahahaha


but thanx a lot dan, again


(aughhhh... this is my "666" post... the devil's number!!! need to write another post right now!!! :angry: )

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