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little miss sunshine

Shoe Shopping

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Pretty much a question for the girls (but guys are also welcome).


Have you ever been shoe shopping and felt like you don't belong with all the other girls? I mean, I have never been a "girlie girl" but I went shoe shopping the other day and i felt so foreign. All these girls were trying on these shoes and boots with heels and pointy toes and I can't really ever see those on my feet. I like something comfy and the pointy toe just looks too slutty if you ask me.


Anyone else have shoe shopping issues?

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I dunno, but I like good looking shoes almost too much... I'd say the typical "skater" shoes are okay...they look good, feel pretty good, but in turn are cliche (and "poserish" for the matter). I <3 my black Globes...Anyways...You gotta hate the stupid, slutty, impratical, shoes like: super high hells (break, fall die), those GODDAMNED pink, furry "Eskimo boots" (wtf is this, the Northwest Territories? Or are we trying to impersonate the Metis?), and shoes with fake jewels and crap in them...Come on... If there ever comes a need to run from a fire or something, you're screwed.

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At any given point in my life, i have only owned one pair of shoes at a time. A nice comfortable, fairly inexpensive pair of runners, which i usually keep for almost a year. I hate shoe shopping, because the people that work there are pushy assholes.


They're just shoes... They're for keeping your feet warm and to protect them from pointy things. Also some degree of mobility and athletic maneuverabilty are good too.


Style and fashion are chumpfood.

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I don't fit in when I go shopping either. I think its a requirement of shoe/clothing stores that employees must be more beautiful, fashionable and therefore snobbier than the girls who shop at the store.


I will defend pointy shoes though, I own a pair. They're sexy in the most impractical and dangerous way.

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I dislike shoe shopping, simply because, while I don't want a poorly made pair of no name shoes, I also refuse to spend more than $50 on them. Fancy shoes and winter boots excluded.


I'd say the typical "skater" shoes are okay...they look good, feel pretty good, but in turn are cliche (and "poserish" for the matter).

Well colour me a poser.

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See, I'm trying to find some "nice" shoes to go with my dress pants that I am required to where for my pharmacy rotations. I pretty much own running shoes, brown boots for jeans (bought 5 years ago) and some chunky black boots (again, bought 3 years ago at Payless) that I wear with black dress pants.


My friend took me to the Aldo outlet and I almost had a breakdown because everyone is all pretty and sophisticated and I felt very uneasy. Grrr.

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i always feel weird whenever i go shopping for like anything wearable. i'm not stupid enough to spend all my money on clothes and it seems that whenever i go shopping, everyone is that store is stupid enough to spend all their money on clothes. i feel so last season.

except for value village. i got 2 sweet set of kicks there.


i don't think mine are leather though.. they could be. and i can't find a picture of the other ones but they are black and amazing.

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i bought three pairs of shoes on saturday alone. it's grown into a small obsession recently.



here they are:







...designate, you said you love puma. i'm in the same boat. i have 14 pairs of pumas, my favorites being:



the only problem with puma is that every secone person is wearing them these days, and in order to find ones that no one has you have to order from the euro site... which is annoying.

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