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Largest And Smallest Sum Of Money

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For me, the largest amount of money I have payed to see Matt would be about $42 (fees included) for The Put Out Your Lights Tour at the Burton....errr...I mean Walker which is not too shabby at all.


The least amount would be $5 at the Red River Ex in '04 which also included admission to the park, so you could say the concert was free, depending on how you look at it.


What about everyone else?

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Most...uh...$35 at Capital Music Hall plus parking, gas, and a water or whatever the hell I drank that night.


Least would be $0, also at CMH. Again, plus parking, gas, and a beer.

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I've won tickets from FM96 3 different occasions to see matt in and around london.

The lowest actual accountable denomination would be 3 dollars for admission in to the western fair.


The most would be 35 for the latest matt show at the drink

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Highest amount i HAVE paid 17.95 House of Blues Toronto Avalanche tour.

Lowest amount 0.00, that right FREE at the commodore in Vancouver Avalanche tour. I won a contest that was on his site.

Highest amount i would ever pay 100.00 but i would have to be a good show.

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I think the highest amount was probably 30 or 40 to see him at the Commodore........4 or 5 times.

Or the Plaza...Or the Town Pump....


I saw him at The Rage for free & at the Town Pump for free.

Those were contest wins though.


I wish I would have caught the Avalanche tour.


I have not seen him play in at least 3 years.

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my fiance went to the St.Catherines show last summer and to the Bala show as a 3-4 day mini-vacation. I believe St.Cath's was $20 and Bala was $35, I could be wrong. But then you have tolls, hotels, and gas for a 6 hour car ride from Erie, Pa up past Barrie.


Well worth it though. Bala was a fucking amazing time.


Buffalo this past fall was $35 also, I believe.

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