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Why I Am Cooler Than You

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i love how they say "He would not say whether he expects charges to be laid" when he hasn't talked to anyone involved.



And dear Mr. Lynch, if four election signs are in a line, and yours is the only one vandalised repeatedly with nazi stuff, i know i'd take it personally.

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i said the conservatives are like the nazis. you laughed and said

"meg, that is so dumb. you're so stupid. i never want to talk to you again because you lack intellegence. blah blah blah i'm the ruiner of dreams"

I don't seem to remember that second part...

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Last election, i dove through a big one, coming out the middle, knocking the whole thing down and an old man stopped his car and started yelling and almost got hit because it was an on-ramp and had no room to stop and he got madder because we were all laughing hysterically.



Yes, i laugh when old people almost die.

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They should make signs that say "I support the traditional definition of equality."

hahahahah that is fucking brilliance.


Now i'm going to the who would you do thread,.




I'm making a shirt that says this, i hope you don't mind

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