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What To Do?

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location: vancouver, lower mainland.


time: 6pm or so


cost: doesn't matter







looking for something cool and unordinary (no movies, etc) to do. i went to the art gallery and saw the picasso show (which i highly reccomend) already so thats out. are there any shows or anything tonight?


if you're from vancouver and you know how to have some fun times, gimme some ideas here



again, i will be awarding OTP bucks to the best suggestions.

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so i ended up making reservations at a comedy club, but the girl took her sweet time getting ready and we ended up missing the show. then i tried to convince her that the media club would be fun, but she's trying to detox me, so sitting in a lounge would not be a good idea. we stayed home and decided to make lasagna at around 2am. well we needed something to do for that hour and fourty-five minutes while the lasagna was baking so we decided to go into my bedroom. the whole process took longer than an hour and fourty-five minutes, and when the timer expired i was too busy to take turn off the oven and cool down the lsagna, so it burned and i didn't actually get it out of the oven until shortly after 5 am.




and yes, mrs. jesus you can have some OTP bucks for gracing my thread. please send a self addressed, stamped envelope with the requested amount to:


SPOILER (Highlight to View)

c/o One Trick Pony

3172 Plateau Blvd.

Coquitlam, B.C.

V3C 6J9

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