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Cinderella Man

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I did too. Good stuff. Russell Crowe's a very capable actor.

I think he's an alright actor when there's a good story in place, like "Gladiator", and "The Insider", but if the story is not as good, he's usually not as good either. Anyways though, I think the story was good in this one too. And I think Ron Howard does a good job of showing how desperate Braddock is, which is simply enough because it's the depression, but Howard makes sure to show well that Braddock is no exception and how as bad as it is, he doesn't steal, or take what he won't try to payback later. Plus I think the trying to keep his family together is an interesting element to the story too.

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She's an alright actress, however, Paul Giamatti was probably the best actor in the movie though. Anyone else find it amusing though that the guy that plays Da Vinci on Da Vinci's Inquest/Da Vinci's City Hall was in the movie though? It was just kind have random...

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