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Favourite Line In A Matthew Good (band) Song

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There's literally too many to list, so I'll just do the first one that came into my mind.


From Go Fly Blind: You can walk tragically into the distance, and I can stand here cryin in the rain, and if anyone asks you if it ever made me crazy just say I thought it was boring to be sane.

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and how I feel is like a child in a foreign place

far too alone, far too alone to face the fear that I have to face

and how I feel is like a burning sun behind clouds of grey

far too alone, too far away

to say the words I need you to hear me say

-Break In the Rhythm


and all of Parable.

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"And there's a fake part of me that comes off, so you can read I was made by the Taiwanese in Taiwan, but they don't like that much, cause it's called Formosa" -Workers


"Here's a quarter for the phone, why don't you call someone and find out how it is we can all belong, to something that no one wants any part of, one day you'll wake up and they'll be advertising on police cars." -AOPC


"I look in your eyes, you look for some teetch, like nickles at night, left under the sheets." - Fall of Man

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i like:


- "Today I'm leaving

This bullshit one horse town

Full of Cowboys and Indians

Who only have balls when there's a camera around" - A Long Way Down


- "It's all right now, take the world and make it yours again" - Symbolistic White Walls


- "Man makes god so god can make man

man makes the devil so that he can understand

why it is that every day,

everything always turns out this way" - Ommisions of the Omen

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My favourite at least so far as the image it creates in my mind:


"I looked out over the bay at the water and the lights

I noticed we had gone to great lengths but not to great heights" - Dancing Invisible



I think I like that one because I remember staring across the Vancouver Bay for hours when I would visit. I remember one time we were in a hotel and I just looked out the window all night long, staring at the lights.

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I love some of the lines already pointed out. I'm particularly partial to songs that work acoustically.


I would like to add:

Cross continents and oceans, transplanted the great divide, though the rookies they 'en't moved none.


What the hell is ZON?



SPOILER (Highlight to View)


  • Listly
  • List
  • List

Sorry about the ;)



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I like the last part of Avalanche:


"This key is to your Kingdom, this key is to your heart... neither ones a doorway, but both of them a part... so one foot in front of the other"


Also, like someone else pointed out, i like very much the lyrics of the song "Parable"

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