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Girl With a Pearl Earring.

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I just finished watching this.






It was absolutely incredible. I madly loved it. Colin Firth is a beautiful genius and that elfin boy who played Pieter rules my world.


Er. I was reading the novel today at the UBC bookstore and then we stopped for groceries by Roger's, so I rented it.


It's amazing. Go rent it. Except Johanssen is kind of annoying after a while. Oh well.

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It's the story behind the painting entitled Girl With a Pearl Earring. It's set in 1665, during the Plague in Holland. Griet comes from a artistic family, but her dad becomes blind and can't paint, so she's sent to become a maid for one the best painters in the city.


She provides inspiration for his next painting, against the wily onslaught of his lecherous patron, his malicious daughter, and his haughty wife.

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Her name is... Griet? That is sexy. This sort of reminds me of a movie I watched on the French network though she was the painter and her father wasn't blind. It involved quite a bit of nudity and perversion. Sorry for the offtopic.

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