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Matt's Greatest Lyrical Performance?

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Possibly one of toughest questions to answer.


For me, it's between Sort of a Protest Song and Prime Time Deliverance , though with the exception of Indestructible , I wouldn't so much as raise an eyebrow at anybody else's selection; there really is so much quality to consider.


- C

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Prime Time Deliverance is just amazing both lyrically and musically. Fine Art and Sort of a Protest Song are brilliant as well. But House of Smoke and Mirrors, the line "I've been asleep for years" just does something to me. The first time I heard that, I got shivers sent down my spine, and they return everytime I listen to that song.

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Neither of the two above posts have anything to do with lyrical performance.


It's a toss up for me; either Weapon, PTD, Fine Art, or Running for Home. I don't think I can narrow it down any further.

Well the fact that it says 'performance' made me think they just mixed up lyrical and vocal.

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