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Songs/albums That Should Be Made Into Movies

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the Coheed & Cambria story



i would like to see a short film built around Armor for Sleep's What To Do When You're Dead and Taking Back Sunday's Tell All Your Friends album always evokes urban heart-break drama images.



There are a lot of really cool ideas in this area. I wish someone took on something like this.



I'm half-excited to see how this American Idiot movie turns out.

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I'd also kind of like to see American Idiot,

I actually read somewhere that they were making a movie out of that album. ...


There's the link

Huh, what'd ya know...


Actually, after reading the synopsis, it seems to me that this is going to be a pretty boring film.


Kinda reminds me of a combination of Chuck Palahniuk's novels Survivor and Fight Club.

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