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Matt's Greatest Vocal Performance

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but when i heard avalanche for the first time, it brought tears to my eyes.

Me too...


At the last part when he say "this key is to your kindom... etc..." i knew this was becoming my all time favorite

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I looked through all of MG's songs, i think his best vocal performance is:


While We Were Hunting Rabbits - (just so epic, MG really belts it unlike any other song)


i also considered:


Fated - (amazing chorus: "i long to be dead, sleep with the fishes under the sea...")


Apparitions - (more subtle, but so much depth & emotion. His voice carries the whole song)

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It's too difficult to pick one best performance because of the variation of songs/sounds/his voice. Some of his best tho...


Strange Days (much better than you might initially think)

Avalanche (obviously)

Near Fantastica

While We Were Hunting Rabbits

Advertsing On Police Cars (just something about the way certain parts are sung. Similar argument goes for Near Fantastica actually. nothing amazing, just something about it)

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Guest apsham

While We Were Hunting Rabbits

Seriously Serious (I love when he holds onto the words, like "sadness" etc.)

21st Century Living (Just hearing him talking, sounding so pissed is awesome)

Alert Status Red (I like how he pronounces the words so bluntly in the verses)

Big City Life (Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarolina was a gambler and the little "Tough it out" in the background)

Generation X-Wing (I like how gritty his voice is)

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