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Avalanche From Beginning To End

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so apparently there was some kind of survey at chorus media over the past month or two. it asked what was the best album released by a canadian from front to back in the past 5 years. avalanche won and it will be played tonight in its entirety at 10pm.



i am related to someone high up chorus and she told me this is supposed to be a "spur of the moment" thing, so please dont call to confirm.... just listen as 99.3 the fox makes history tonight at 10pm PST.

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this just in, i am listening to avalanche from beginning to end at higher quality than radio.

it's still pretty fucking cool that the RADIO would play an entire album that doesn't suck, even if you can hear it at a 'higher quality'

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ps avalanche just may be the best canadian record in the last 5 years...


Probably. I've always considered Weapon the last really great music video that MuchMusic has played. It's been all downhill from here. I remember the exact moment I first saw it, I was blown away.

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