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First Record You Ever Bought

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this place was boring for awhile. hopefully things will kick back into high gear soon.




i checked to see if this had been a topic before, but not very well, so don't lynch me if i'm wrong here.




mine was the spaghetti incident by guns n roses. what a bad record that was. although, their cover of "big dumb sex" would later get me interested in soundgarden. so that's a plus.

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i saw the sign and it opened up my eyes.


nope, that wasn't my first cd that i bought...i think mine was...mellon cholie and the infanite sadness by the pumpkins...


first and only tape that i bought was weird al greatest hits vol. 2.

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first cd i ever got was Big Shiny Tunes three.


The first i bought was Sky's first one.


oldest cd i still have? most likely KoRn's Follow the Leader or Limp Bizkit's first one.

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