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i highly enjoy this show... i've seen several episodes thus far.... itis vastly bettery than jackass, in my opinion... i can certainly do w/out some of the gross factor (i.e. why this show reigns supreme over jackass)... itis just really highly amusing watching bam play out whatever little idea pops into his head... must be nice... heh... bobbyshane and i were musing after watching the episode where slayer was on that it would be nice to have the resources to completely redecorate just because some band is coming over (i.e. or just whenever the hell you get the idea to do so)... i also highly enjoyed the episode where dani filth was on carrying out stunts w/the rest of them... just really funny watching musicians participate alongside..... anyway... yeah... my thoughts... what are yours??





oh... and i searched to see if there was another thread relating to this show... it errored on me, so if there is another one, i apologize

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