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Anyone Remember B.t.k.?

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Whatever happened to B.T.K.? They had a (sorta) big hit with "Peppyrock" in 1998 and then they just kinda faded away. I just dusted off my copy of their album the other day and it still sounds good. For my money, B.T.K. was the best thing in late-90s-Canadian-white-boy-hip-hop.


R.I.P. B.T.K.

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i watched a thing about him on the television. He was admiting to all his crimes.


Also the iceman is a pretty messed up killing man... not a serial killer but still messed up.


He went to kill this one guy and he said the guy was praying to god and asking for help and such. So he left him alone for 30 minuets and said "you pray to your god and if he comes down and ends this. you will live"


Nothing happened so he killed him.



Totally irreverent!!! but a tiny voice in my head told me to share this.

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