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I watch this show. yeah I know it's sad.


They display their myriad of "diverse" contestants, all posessing "something different". it almost looks like a commercial for ethnic diversity, which is fitting I suppose considering the contest takes place in toronto. it comes of as being racist and offensive in my view. it's not like most shows, where there's just a token black guy. This show has a token red-head,philipino, molatto, asian, latina, fat person, preppy, punky, gay person, you name it.

Who cares about intelligence or personality. we don't have someone with big curly hair, let's hire them! inspite of the fact that their efforts are focused on being deliberately "unprejudiced", they always have good finalists. But they still always pick image as the deciding factor. Devon is living proof of that. He had the the coolest image at the time. Forget that he can't talk, let alone do an interview. His hair was cool,but now it's becoming increasingly combed over and we're left with just a bad VJ with a bad image. they'll probably make the same mistake this time.

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It was on at the same time as Starship Troopers. It was depressing...

starship troopers is such a good movie... its like star craft brought to life... WITH NUDITY!



i cant stand robin black he reminds me of a smurf who thinks hes the shit!

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