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Canadian Girls Kick Ass?

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Nah, they don't kick ass. You have to play good teams for it to mean something.


Dunno why women's hockey is even in the Olympics. It's just a tournament for the bronze medal.

A battle for the bronze? What the hell ARE you smoking?


For us canadians it's OUR sport, which is why we are so excited and proud that the Womens team is doing so well. Sure the teams they have played aren't all that great...but Russia is usually our Rival in Hockey...more so than the States normally. At least these teams don't give up no matter how bad they are being beaten, whereas in NHL you'll see teams give up after they are behind a few goals.



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I mean, Gold and Silver are already determined, by the simple fact that only two countries in the world fund the sport. All other countries are vying for third place.


Tell me, are dominating scores like the ones Canada and the US ROUTINELY put up in the spirit of the Olympics? The sport is great, but it shouldn't be in the Olympics until other countries build up a proper foundation for the game.

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Ah didn't read your post that way, my apologies.


Yea I'd like to have a closer game as well, but it is supposed to be about who's the best, right?


You also have to take a look at the fact that since Hockey is in the Olympics it gives other countries incentive to build up their Hockey Foundations.

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give women's hockey time, remember the first US man's dream team for basketball? they killed everyone! and now look what has happened, all the rest of the world caught up, and the US man's team didnt even win a medal last time.

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The first Winter Olympic sport was hockey, it pre-dates the Winter Olympics even, in 1920, Canada won it at the summer games, then when the Winter Olympics were created and first run in 1924, Canada won it again, and again. Even when the Brits beat us in 1936, they did it with Canadian players who also happened to have British citizenships. At least with Women's hockey there's two contenders, where as with Men's when it first started there was only one. Also on The Hour yesterday George Stombo even said the highest scoring hockey game at the Olympics was by the Men's Canadian team against Denmark and it was somewhere in the forties to nothing and it was done sometime in the forties... So, while these are big wins there far shy of the men's record.

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