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So if you had to choose 5 albums to get stuck on a desert island with, what albums would they be?




"London Calling" by The Clash

"Pet Sounds" by The Beach Boys

"Elephant" by The White Stripes

"Q: Are we not Men? A: We Are Devo!" by Devo

"Forever Again" by Eric's Trip




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5 mp3 discs with as much as possible shoved on them, including all mg(b), all coldplay, some radiohead, nirvana, and the entire collection of random crap on my hard drive.


EDIT: Damn, just noticed u said albums and not cd's, so in that case, it'll have to be Avalanche, AOB, BM, IACd2, Underdogs. Hard leaving LOTGA behind.

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I'd have to have 1 C.D. for every mood

Angry - Nirvana, (probably Live album)

Mellow - Avalanche

Happy - Switchfoot, Nothing is Sound

Indifferent - Tea Party, Tangents

Spiritual - Delirious, Glo


PS, I'll probably be editing my list it's rough to choose

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fuck that's hard.



i'm thinking discs i haven't gotten sick of in the years i've had them...



Loser Anthems

Leftover Crack - Fuck World Trade

Dresden Dolls - s/t

Taking Back Sunday - tell All Your Friends

Dimmu Borgir - Death Cult Armegeddon



but this could change tomorrow.

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I would rather not take any albums and miss all music desperately than grow to hate the things I love most. That said, screw it:


XTC - Apple Box (four cd set, one album)

Elton John - Goodbye Yellowbrick Road

Matthew Good - In A Coma

Barenaked Ladies - Stunt

Suede - Dog Man Star

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1)Avalanche - Matthew Good

2)Ok Computer - Radiohead

3)A Rush of Blood to the Head - Coldplay

4)Nevermind (or MTV Unplugged in New York) - Nirvana

5)It would be a difficult choice between:

What's the Story Morning Glory - Oasis

Pinkerton - Weezer

Reconstruction Site - The Weakerthans

Odelay (or Guero) - Beck

Downward Spiral - NIN

Twice Removed - Sloan


Dammit...can't I just bring my iPod?

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Shit: Well not counting MG, it would have to be


1-Jeff Buckley-Grace

2-Out Of Africa Score

3-Garden State Soundtrack

4-Sigur Rose-Takk

5-Arctic Monkeys-Whatever People Say...


fuck - no Rilo Kiley, Beatles, Ozma, Weezer, Hedwig, White Stripes, Coldplay...


This won't work at all, I refuse to go to any desert island without my iPod Thelonius.

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